Konges Sløjd Wooden Activity Cube

Wooden Activity Cube

This is the sweetest little Kong’s Sløjd

activity Cube! It's made with

sustainable timbers, and the top has an

abacus that you can thread the fruits through.

You've got a really cute little

xylophone on one side, and then if you

turn it around you've got the

shaped holes where you've got the clouds,

the pear and the lemon. They also sit

inside the cube for storage.

Then on the side you've got

the gears which you can turn and

which have the different facial

expressions on them, and then there's a

really cute little mirror which they can

use to look at themselves. The lid also

packs away, and you can store

the whole thing on the shelf for

next time they want to play.

Find the Konges Sløjd wooden activity cube here...

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