nahthing project

nahthing project indigo & eucalyptus bubble bath


All natural bubble bath for the whole family!
Completely free from artificial colors, artificial scents & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (common ingredients in other bubble bath products).

This wonderfully fragrant and mild bubble bath is made with colors and scents from all natural plant ingredients like sweet pumpkin, strawberry, hinoki, indigo, lavender etc.

As with other Nahthing Project bath products, all ingredients are EWG green-rated. The creamy bubbles are created with the baking soda and citric acid, coconut-derived natural surfactant. They’re totally safe and make the best bubbles you’ll see!

Dense & long-lasting bubble layers keep your water warm for longer so babies don’t get chilled from cooling water and can enjoy fun bubbles for the whole bath time.
Includes mineral rich Dead Sea salt to help sooth and cleanse your skin. You can enjoy your bubble bath and just wash off with water without using a body wash.

This bubble bath will create a ph 5.5 bath water – close to your skin and suitable for most sensitive skin.

This large size bottle will last for 35-40 baths.

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