moulin roty

moulin roty jardin observation game


Suitable for 2 – 6 players, this beautifully illustrated set includes 2 different games to promote observation and recognition skills. Made of sturdy cardboard, the set includes a fold-out playing board, 200 picture cards, 24 theme boards, 24 coloured counters and a cotton bag. 

Themes are based on garden treasures – insects, birds, plants, animals, mushrooms and even lost items. There are 2 different ways to play the game. English instructions included.

Game 1: Each player chooses a theme board with 6 pictures, and 6 counters. The aim is to find the matching illustrations on the central playing board and mark with a counter.  The first to find all 6 wins the round.

Game 2: One player picks a picture card and shows it to the other players.  The player who finds the illustration on the board, keeps the card. The first player to win 10 cards wins the game.

The set may also be used as a simple recognition game for younger children.  Select one or more theme boards and the associated single cards for each of the illustrations.  Your child can then match them up!

Presentation: Storage/Presentation Box.

Developmental Benefits: Matching, turn taking, patience, and recognition skills.

Recommended Age: 4 + years

Size: Box L 30 cm x L 25 cm

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